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How to repair Mercedes SL-Class R230 dashboards with Minitools SEPDISP71 LCD screens

23 September 2022

“Pink shrimp” on Mercedes SL R230 LCD display? Mercedes SL-Class display polarizing film ruined? Mercedes SL instrument cluster display difficult to read or fading?

Rather than replacing Mercedes SL R230 instrument cluster, Minitools offer an alternative, quicker and less expensive solution: replacing only the faulty LCD screens.

This DIY tutorial shows how to fix Mercedes SL-Class R230 speedometers with LCD display fading, unreadable or with dead pixels with Minitools SEPDISP71 replacement. The same displays are adaptable to Mercedes SLR McLaren instrument panels as well. It is highly recommended to replace both screens of the cluster to avoid qualitative discrepancies in the information display, as the SEPDISP71 is produced with a new technology compared to the original display.

Note: please carefully follow the instructions and do not skip any step shown in the video for a correct installation of the new displays.