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How to replace Porsche 911 991 instrument panel speaker with Minitools SEP-SPEAKER20 replacement buzzer

12 January 2024

Blinkers not making any sound on Porsche 911 991? Is the warning sound for lights on reminder not working on Porsche 911 991?

This is a common issue on Porsche 911 991, and it’s caused by the mini-speaker placed inside the dashboard, that can be defective and the sounds can be barely audible or missing at all.

This speaker emits most warning sounds, including those for turn signals indicators and the lights on reminder, so it’s really important to replace it and fix the issue.

This DIY tutorial shows in detail how to replace the faulty buzzer of Porsche 911 991 speedometers with Minitools SEP-SPEAKER20 replacement speaker, fixing the missing warning sounds issue.